Superfast Patents


The UK Intellectual Patent Office is looking to introduce a “superfast” service by which all of the required steps in the patent application process will be accelerated with the intention of granting a patent within as little as 90 days. This compares with between 2 to 5 years at present.

This superfast service, if adopted, will likely only be of interest to those seeking early grant to be a position to initiate Court proceedings against an infringing party or to provide a basis for a proposed licence or sale of a business. In the majority of other cases a relatively lengthy period of patent pendency makes most sense.

One downside of the superfast process will be the expected eye-watering fee of between £3,500 and £4,000.  Once accepted, a superfast application will be published to enable interested parties to make observations on the patentability of the application.

As is the case with accelerated examination systems offered by other countries, a formal prior art search will be completed after grant, and the patent will then either allowed in its granted form, or amended in the light of the search results, or revoked.

The consultation period set to enable third parties to make observations on the proposed superfast service expired on 12th June and we will alert you to updated information as and when it becomes available.