Client's Water Purifier in Syria


One of Agile’s clients which produces lifesaving water purification products has teamed up with a number of charities to send a large quantity of its THIRST AID STATION product to Syria. 

Pure Hydration’s THIRST AID STATION is an emergency water purification system that produces pure, safe water from unclean and potentially dangerous water, e.g. following floods or other natural disasters.  The product is a flexible, robust bag into which users pour unclean water which is then filtered within the bag and ready for human consumption.  The product is the subject of a pending patent application.

The shipment follows previous ones sent to Haiti, the Philippines and Nepal following major incidents in recent years. 

Managing Director of Pure Hydration, Jon Grant said “With the crisis becoming more critical by the day, it’s important to take action.  We really want to hear from other charities and NGOs who can help send some more THIRST AID STATIONS to Syria, along with other aid.”

Further details on Pure Hydration’s products can be viewed at their website.