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    8th August 2012Light Relief: Agile client successfully defends and enforces designs

    Agile IP has recently helped its client NVC Lighting successfully to defend an infringement claim brought by a competitor and to enforce its own rights against another. NVC, a major manufacturer and seller of a range of lighting products, was recently involved in two disputes concerning ...

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    30th July 2012iPad Trade Mark Settlement in China

    Apple Inc. (“Apple”) has recently concluded a dispute with a Chinese company that started back in 2010 over ownership of the iPad trade mark in China. The settlement, worth a reported US$60 million, removes a major obstacle to Apple’s ability to market and sell their iPad ...

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    16th July 2012Too Cool for Court ? Apple loses UK Court Ruling

    The UK High Court has recently ruled that Apple’s European Registered Design (CRD) for its IPad tablet is not infringed by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab product, one reason cited being that Samsung’s product is not as cool as the iPad design. This is one of many cases ongoing around the ...