IP Enforcement

Enforcing IP rights through the Courts is often viewed as a potentially very expensive process.  Whilst this can be true, our experience is that most disputes can be settled without the need for litigation and, where a client's position is strong, the mere threat of action, when executed properly, is often enough to reach a resolution.

Unlike many other patent attorney firms, we take a very proactive role in enforcing our clients' rights.  This includes making initial approaches to suspected infringers, which requires a degree of care, negotiating undertakings and settlement agreements, and, where necessary, taking matters to Court.  

We work with specialist IP Counsel where representation in the High Court is needed.  

If you suspect someone is infringing your IP rights, expert advice is essential at the earliest opportunity.  Tactical considerations often come into play and you will need to know what options are available and the likely outcomes. There are various rules in place regarding how a suspected infringer can be approached and we advise that you should not approach suspected infringers without talking to us first.