Blue Sky Concepts

StadiArena Limited.

By connecting sport with the local community, StadiArena aims to deliver sustainability and legacy through its unique concept for an entirely different type of sports venue.  The idea is to create fully enclosed venues within normally open parts of a stadium by way of a unique partitioning system extending from the roof of the stadium structure. The result is a truly multi-purpose arena extending the stadium's reach beyond its core sports fans, and generating valuable income from new revenue streams by hosting exhibitions, corporate functions, product launches and so on.

"Agile's David Fry was there from the start" explained Managing Partner Patric Cassidy.  "He explained that, even when an idea is in its infancy, it is essential to at least consider filing a patent application.  Shortly after, we did file for a patent and Agile recently took it through to grant in the UK and things are progressing well internationally too."

At StadiArena's request, David also travelled to India to help with negotiations that eventually secured an eight-figure partnership deal to create a multi-purpose arena.