IP Licensing

Mosen Limited.

Mosen is an engineering consultancy company that provides professional services in the fields of fire safety engineering, tunnel ventilation and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). It has developed fire safety strategies for complex buildings and underground infrastructure, patented new methods of ventilating tunnels and applied CFD to complex aerodynamic and heat transfer problems.

One of Mosen's latest developments is the MoJet (TM) tunnel ventilation system, for which they have filed patent applications in the UK and internationally. As a consultancy rather than a manufacturer/distributer, Mosen turned to a public company registered on the Swedish stock market, Systemair, who were interested in manufacturing and selling the Mojet. Mosen's MD Fathi Tarada came to Agile for licensing advice following initial discussions with Systemair.

Agile's David Fry and Robert Sayer visited Mosen's offices to discuss their requirements before preparing a draft agreement for consideration and prompting negotiations. A deal was signed in November 2010 allowing Systemair to produce and sell Mojets on Mosen's behalf which it is hoped will improve tunnel ventilation technology and ultimately reduce the number of fans and energy consumption in tunnels.