Protecting the Brand

Powertraveller Limited.

The name sounds familiar but maybe you can't quite place it? You may have seen Powertraveller™ products advertised in your in-flight magazine or in various airports around the world.   

Powertraveller Ltd is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning portable chargers for mobile devices.  Product lines include POWERGORILLA, POWERMONKEY and MOTORMONKEY.  The devices are designed to charge your mobile phone, PDA, laptop and even your car battery.  

CEO Jerry Ranger explained "in addition to developing the technology, we also focussed on developing a brand identity encompassed in the product designs and names.  It became evident that having a registered trade mark for each of our unique product lines was key to protecting the brand as our reputation grew and grew."

Powertraveller's trade mark registrations have been of great use in recent times, as a number of Internet retailers have sought to ride on the back of their reputation by using their protected names without authorisation.  Jerry continued "as soon as we became aware of the problems, Agile were quick to contact the offending retailers and have them remove any reference to our marks.  This was achieved in a matter of hours."