Karen Perrio

Renewals Manager

Renewals Manager, Agile IP LLP

Karen Perrio serves as the Renewals Manager for our firm, overseeing the comprehensive management of our intellectual property renewals record system. Her responsibilities encompass the timely issuance of renewal reminders to clients and the payment of renewal fees across various categories of intellectual property. She diligently monitors upcoming renewal deadlines and provides vital communication, including forwarding official notifications to clients concerning outstanding renewal fees. In addition, Karen advises fee earners on imminent renewal deadlines when client instructions are pending. She also keeps a keen eye on pricing adjustments, be it foreign fees or associate fees, and ensures clients are invoiced and subsequently informed upon the successful completion of their renewals. A reporting letter outlining the next renewal deadline is sent under her purview.

Outside of her professional commitments, Karen enjoys travelling and values quality time spent with family and friends.